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Mark Lanier If mesothelioma has affected you or someone you love, it’s important that you learn your legal rights. The Lanier Law Firm is passionate about helping those who have been victimized by this dreaded disease; we will be there, acting as your advocate every step of the way.

We've created a Free Mesothelioma Information Packet and DVD to make sure that you’re fully educated about all aspects of Mesothelioma, including who the best doctors are, where to go for treatment and what your legal options are. The DVD will also explain the role that the asbestos industry played in sickening so many people, and how victims can now hold the asbestos companies financially responsible for the harm that they’ve caused. We created the video to help you, and hope that you find it beneficial.

Please complete the form so we can help you and your family through the complex legal process of mesothelioma litigation.


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